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True Premier League

Why True Premier League?
The game of cricket having its origins in the late 16th century in southwest England is revolutionized and transformed over centuries since its inception. Ranging from being a classical game till today’s modernized pop and the jazz version of T20, this game has been one of the most popular sports in many countries across the timeline. And when it comes India, the love for cricket is altogether at a different tangent among its people and the game proudly holds the title of being a second religion of the country. India caters a cricketer in every house, lane and street. All these batsmen while posing with a bat in front the stumps and all the bowlers aiming to throw a googly or bouncer keep spinning their minds visualizing their star International cricketer, targeting to become one someday!

Unfortunately, due to the present established system of selection processes for the under 19 team, Ranji Team and Indian Cricket Team, all the talented budding cricketers do not get a chance to portray their flair at a correct platform to the world at large. In India, the cricket board is the final authority which also carries certain limitations and widely, cricket is played in three formats namely, Test, One-day, and T20. Considering a capacity of sixteen players for each team under every format, the total capacity of players that BCCI can accumulate is 176, including a few foreign players, wherein few players play for every format, few are fit to play either one or two formats. So in total, there are about maximum 150 vacancies for potential Indian players in the present system set-up which are quite less as compared to 1.5 lac probable sportsmen who try every year to indulge into this frame of cricket with an objective to make a career in the game and ultimately play for the Indian Cricket Team.

An aspiring cricket player initiates the practices pertaining to the game at the age of 8, if his performance is rated good, then he is picked to play for the under 19 team. Thereafter, he gets an opportunity to play for Ranji owing to an upright performance after which he shall be awarded a position in the team India only if he presents an outstanding game. Though the selection process seems to be fair, the bitter fact is that around 80-90% players get filtered in this process. The reasons for rejection in any team can vary from poor performance to fitness issues and much more. As per a research, it is stated that approximately INR 50 lacs of heavy investment are done by a wishful player on his health and practice lessons over a tenure of 10 years to get through the selection processes. Which means once not selected in any team, he incurs a heavy monetary loss as well. Regrettably, there is no parallel platform in India that concerns about serving the dreams of those thousands who do not make it in the final team selections.

About the Concept:
The distinctive idea of True Premier League is one such notion that is neither heard nor thought of in the history of cricket in India. Even though the successful format of Indian Premier League has been a source of inspiration to the commencement of Australia Big Bash League, England NatWest T20 Blast League, South African Ram Slam T20 League, Pakistan Super League, Bangladesh Premier League and Caribbean Premier League; the True Premier League is different from all these in a way that it is a Cricket cum Reality show.

It is a proven fact that any format of cricket has successfully won the hearts of the masses and offered star players to the glorious cricket world. This game has a fan following ranging from children of 7 years to good experienced 70 years old individuals and hence the popularity of cricket cannot be challenged. On the other hand, reality shows are on a higher demand in the country from those depicting the singing and dancing talents to those presenting adventurous youth or life of celebrities and much more. Therefore, TPL is designed in a way to encash the craze of cricket and attractiveness to reality shows accompanied by high held glamor.

About the Game Format spiced with the flavour of a Reality Show:
Successful execution of TPL is divided into four phases:

  1. Promotional Activities:
    Rigorous marketing to invite players and sponsors along with queries related to registration and franchise has been conducted for 30 days in all the districts of 20 states of India.
  2. Registration Process:
    A state-wise selection formula is set up for which free registration process on the True Talent Sports Pvt. Ltd website has been initiated. This registration shall be open for a period of 30 days for every State for individuals falling under the age group of 16-30 years. The candidates who register themselves for TPL shall have to present their Age Proof and Address Proof at the selection camps. The registration for the state of Gujarat, as a consequence of rigorous promotional activities, received an overwhelming response of 15,000+ entries in just 15 days’ time.
  3. Fitness Camps:
    After the completion of the registration process, 10 fitness camps shall be organised over the period of 30 days at 10 different venues. For instance, Gujarat has some 240 talukas leading to a formation of 240 teams, thus comprising of 3840 players which shall be scrutinized by the prominent and veteran cricketers from the ex-Ranji on the basis of the performance of each player in the fitness camps.
  4. The Reality Show Touch
    After the fitness camps, the taluka teams shall lock horns with each other to rise up in the chart. The company owns its own sports channel where all the matches shall go live. The reality show sensation comes into picture when the highlights shall be telecasted after every match and all the players shall get a chance to seek public votes through individual vote appeal. Hence, the ultimate power rests in public’s hand to save their favourite and preferred player and only best talent shall survive. Eventually, 16 players shall qualify to reach the state team and 20 such state teams shall be shaped through the same course. These 20 state teams shall compete with each other, reducing the players to ultimate 16 that shall create the Dream Team India.

Every state team shall be awarded prizes worth INR 10 crore and the man of the series shall be bestowed with a top end car. Furthermore, the cherry on the cake is that all the boundaries, sixes, catches and wickets shall also have prizes.

Cricket and Bollywood:
Cricket in India is a dominant sport and has an unbeaten range of spectators that brings in great revenues and profit margins in terms of TV rights and sponsorship. Besides, the media companies expand their coverage to incur higher advertising returns. With the introduction of the IPL format in India, it is clear that the crowd is keen to watch their regional team as well on the field and support it. A demand for fresh talent is created with the launch of franchising model in the game for crafting a multitude of anticipation and exhilaration.
The glamor and dazzle of Bollywood have also played a vital role in boosting the morale of the spectators to move to the stadiums or turn on their TV sets to cheer their favoured team. Bollywood stars are known to indulge themselves in promoting various sports and other activities for the progress of the country as a whole. TPL is a venture of its kind that orients the youth on a positive path of career making in sports. Association of Bollywood with TPL shall encourage the players and also enhance the quota of viewers, bringing mutual benefits to all.
True Talent Premier League is a gateway for all the forthcoming players who crave to make a career in the game of Cricket.

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