Latest News: Selection camp dates will be announced soon for Aurangabad, Amravati and Solapur.

CRICKET – the heartbeat of 1 billion Indians

CRICKET – the heartbeat of 1 billion Indians
Want To Make Your Career In CRICKET?

India has produced many talents so far… But there are many more talents waiting for the spotlight to be turned on them.

True Talent Sports presents a brand new unique REALITY SHOW to publish hidden Indian cricket talented to show their performance. TPL (True Premier League) – India’s 1st Cricket Talent Hunt & Reality Show gives spotlight to those hidden talents who crave to be on the cricket ground and who have the fire to heat the ground with their stunning game. This platform is a gateway to all those talents, be it from narrow lanes of different Indian cities to the centre-field filled with cheering spectators.

TPL is the brainchild of new age young people with a constant entrepreneurial spirit – Zahir Rana and Jay Desai. Zahir is a seasoned marketing professional having quality experience in concept marketing and Jay is a Guinness Book record holder as DJ playing for longest duration.

TPL Cricket Guide has 4 phases: MARKETING – first 30 days are spent on aggressive marketing inviting participants/players, sponsors, franchisee queries, with major focus on participant registration in all districts of 20 states. This also helps in communicating / registering sponsors / franchisees. REGISTRATION – interested participants will be registered free. FITNESS – 10 fitness camps will be organized to shortlist 8000 players (500 teams i.e. 16 players per team) for the next round, matches won’t be played in this phase but the performance will be judged by a panel. FINAL MATCHES total 501 matches will be played and each match will bring forth 16 best players based on the voting system after each match.

From the CEO, Mr. Zahir Rana: In the first phase we are conducting the event Starting from Gujarat and Maharashtra and over a period of time the same will be covered across the country targeting the top 20 states of India. The Matches will be telecasted live in our sports Channel and YouTube. The highlights of the matches would be on air by select satellite channels.

Open Registration Players are welcome for registration on First Come First Serve Basis, It shall be open for 30 days only. Team Selection Process registered members will be segregated Talukawise, all registered members across Maharashtra will undergo trial selection. Selection trials will take place in 10 cities at 10 different locations within a month. Selection and filtration will be done by a panel consisting of National players, Ranji players, State-level players and State-level Umpires. The candidate will then be presented for final selection. Selection Camp here registered players will be checked and groomed and selectors will scrutinize them and come up with last 500 teams

Ownership Model Concept: Franchisee owned Teams – Each Taluka’s Team will we owned by the Franchisee, revenue sharing between TPL and Franchisee. Team Buying / Franchise Meet – potential buyers of team will participate and TPL will offer them the best deal. Main Sponsors – 5 Crore Main Sponsor, 3 Crore Co-sponsor, 1 Crore Powered by. Investment opportunity at Rs.5 Lac to Rs. 5 Crore.

If you have cricket in your blood; join now for free (age 16 to 30 years) for name fame and money. This unique format will give a platform to aspiring players to get noticed and to be enlisted in India’s popular players list. Call now 07202091313,

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