"If God has given me a dream then it's my responsibility to achieve it". These words of Zahir Rana CEO True Sports TV introduces us to a man who takes his mission very seriously and will leave no stone unturned to achieve it. He is bringing to life the world's largest sports reality show with Cricket and give a platform to the young talent of our country.

What made him choose this sport? Zahir Rana further elucidates "Cricket is dying in England the country from where it originated. Even in West Indies cricket seems to have lost its sheen. In India it is different. Indians who picked up the game continue to be fanatic followers. The richest board in the world BCCI (Board of Control for Cricket in India) has its own limitations when it comes to judging and selecting talented players from across the country. Our True Premier League is an opening platform for such talented cricket players of India to showcase their cricketing prowess"

Are you strategy infrastructure and team ready? 'Yes definitely' says Rana confidently. 'We never do anything in half-measures. Ex-cricket players Mohammad Azharuddin Vinod Kambli and Chetan Sharma are on board as mentors. Pune based Mr. Sameer Pawani and his team of Four Pillars Event Management Services Pvt. Ltd. has stepped on board as super franchisee for Maharashtra. More cricketers and celebrities are joining in too. Registration of contestants between 16 to 30 years capable of showcasing their talent are being shortlisted from 16 states 36 districts 361 talukas and 22500 villages. A 10-city selection camp is also in progress. The selection criteria will be based on the following parameters - courage determination; discipline and temperament. Matches will be aired live with one hour slot for highlights of the play as well as individual performances; providing a platform for born talent and consistent players on our channel 'True Sports'" states the award winning ideologist.

Rana's confidence is infectious. His energy enthusiasm and aura is what binds his team and prods them to perform their best. It's clearly seen that True Sports has hit a six at the entry level itself and will go on making many centuries and will undoubtedly be one amongst the leading sports channel both in terms of content and quality of viewership.

Rana's words 'It is cricket that unites the nation' rings true and it is so given the frenzy one experiences during the cricket season. Clearly Zahir Rana and True Sports have made a royal entry and is here to stay.

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Zahir Rana,CEO, True Premier League